Friday, December 15, 2017

Volunteer in colombia

I undertake a range of work for charity or community groups primarily because I want to make a difference and I like giving something back to my community that in turn supports me. When I reflect on the tasks I have undertaken I have also gained a lot of experience which then has helped or enhanced my working life.

This includes planning projects, chairing groups and committees, team building, public speaking, understanding the range of motivations of individuals and groups, overcoming areas of conflict, negotiation skills, designing goods and services and marketing those goods and services, publicity management etc. etc

Many individuals have turned a hobby into a career, by starting their own business and selling goods and services that were originally a part time pursuit. Undertaking voluntary work can also open your horizons and help you to find purpose, feel involved and actively contribute, explore your own strengths and develop new skills and make you proud of what you can achieve. Those new skills may enhance your current job role or may provide you with a springboard to move on to a new area of your career.

What are the barriers to you using volunteer work as a way of meeting personal needs and developing your skills and talents? Many would say lack of time, age or level of education and all of these may be good reasons for not volunteering, but for others these are just excuses for inactivity. Think again about volunteer work because it might just supply you with the experience you need to fill a gap in your resume!

Volunteer in colombia

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