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Korean cars

Some of the most popular Asian based vehicles come out of South Korea, and it would seem as though Korean car brands give that fact a good reason. Not only are Korean car brands built with expert craftsmanship and genuine artistry, they are built to last and have motors that will outlast most machines. In this article we are going to cover the two most popular Korean auto manufacturers, those being Hyundai and Kia.

The Hyundai Group is a multinational automobile manufacturing conglomerate headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Founded by Chung Ju-yung in 1947 initially as a construction firm this is one of the few automobile companies where the founder was head of operations until their death; a long and fruitful legacy indeed. Soon after the East Asian financial crisis in ’97 as well as Chung’s death, this Korean car brand went through major restructuring and would eventually dissipate. As of today, and a little known fact, most companies bearing the name Hyundai are in no way legally connected to Hyundai Group out of South Korea examples would include the following: They include Hyundai Heavy Industries Group, Hyundai Motor Group, Hyundai Department Store Group, and Hyundai Development Company. It must be said though that the majority of the former subsidiaries continue to be run by relatives of Chung which is a nice sediment when you think about it. If by some chance these companies decided to form a union or single business then it would in turn become the largest company in South Korea with enormous economic and political power in the country. Is it possible that this South Korean Car brand will ever be the giant name that it could have been while Jung was alive?

Without a doubt Hyundai is the most popular and the best South Korean car brand. This Korean automobile company is headquartered in Ulsan, Seoul, which is the largest incorporated car manufacturing facility in the world. Hyundai ranked as the eighth largest auto manufacturer early 2009 selling vehicles in over 190 countries which is way more than most other car brands could even imagine let alone aim for. A neat tad bit of information is that this South Korean car brand was the number one selling car brand in Canada last year, now that is impressive.

Next in line by way of popularity would be the KIA South Korean car company. Kia which gets its name from the Sino-Korean words ki which means to come out and A which stands for Asia, is South Korea’s oldest automobile manufacturing brand.  Founded back in 1944, this Korean car brand started its roots as a producer of bicycle parts. It wasn’t until the early 1970’s that this Korean car brand opens its first automotive assembly plant. It’s hard to believe but when this company started manufacturing cars they only built twenty six the first year however they were in for a huge surprise when the models went over well and they had orders for upwards of almost one hundred thousand the following year. After his boom Kia would soon join in partnership with Ford Motor Company out Of Detroit, MI. It was in ’92 the Korea’s car brand Kia Motors America was incorporated in the States and two short years later the first Kia branded cars were sold at dealership in Oregon. Skip ahead three short years and Kia dealerships were in over thirty states and had sold almost 25,000 units. Think about that, when you start out you are making twenty five cars and within the next two decades you have dealerships, plants , and your car brand being driven all over multiple states and countries. That is incredible and very good publicity. Unfortunately due to a financial crisis Kia had to file for bankruptcy’s and halted production for a spin however they were one of the few companies that did not shut down multiple automobile production plants like so many other car brands did. This South Korean car company has had its ups and downs but it hasn’t given up yet. Keeping people working and giving consumers a car they can trust is obviously important to Kia and it shows. A company that backs their product like they do is awesome in my book. Not only is this an incredible South Korean Car brand, it is an incredible car brand that rivals any other countries car brands.

What we can say about South Korean car companies is that although there are not very many to date, the ones that are here have been on the roads for some time now and that has to say something. Not only do these cars have a high resale value due to the fact that they are tough and keep their value, but the warranties provided by these Korean car companies really are second to none. If you make a product and you stand behind it like these two Korean car companies have, it shows value and honor which is seriously lacking in todays’ world. I can honestly admit that I am looking forward to these two incredible companies getting back on top and providing the world with affordable yet save and well made vehicles. I am sure that if anyone can help the automobile markets get back on track it is these two well established Korean car brand companies.

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